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Aug 4, 2013 11:30am EDT
. that is what nsa does. and as a possible purpose is to get information intelligence to sole purposea's is to get information and intelligence -- >> you have heard that operatives are in place. >> those operatives are in place because we received information that is -- that high-level people from al qaeda in the -- any villains are arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack and these people are high-level. whatever that intelligence is, we act upon it. our first job is to protect the americans and other parts of the world. >> commerce and king, this is , this- congressman king has also spread domestically. we have beefed up security. i think americans don't really understand why this keeps growing in the last few days. first am a it was the embassy closings. now domestically. embassy, it was the closings, now domestically. why the higher alert in america? >> because this threat was so specific as to how in or miss it was going to be. enormous it was going to be. the assumption is that it is probably most likely to happen in the middle east, at or about one of the embassies, bu
Aug 18, 2013 3:15pm EDT
. a couple weeks ago, we had a former nsa official turned whistleblower thomas drake here at a press club luncheon. he said that when federal employees are seeking to obtain or renew security clearances and are interviewed by investigators, one of the questions they are asked is whether the employee has ever had unauthorized contact with a reporter. not unauthorized contact involving classified or proprietary information, but any unauthorized contact. to a lot of us, that was disturbing. we thought i'm merely asking that question in that context -- i'm merely asking that question in that context, they are sending a message that speaking to the press offline is forbidden and could make you a security risk. the bradley manning and edward snowden leaks have raised the temperature on this issue, particularly in the security agencies. the no leaks message was made in a hard-core way. in a june 2012 defense department document, about a so- called insider threat program, it was obtained recently by mcclatchy news. it said, quote, hammer this fact home. leaking is tantamount to aiding the enemies
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2